Common man relieved: Cut in GST

Common man relieved: Cut in GST


This weekend brings the joy to the common man in the country as GST has been reduced on 100 items as per the officials.

As per list given by the officials, items like marble or wood, fortified milk are now under 0% GST slab. Items which come under the 18% GST are white goods like refrigerators, washing machines etc. for which earlier GST was 28%. It would be beneficial for consumers as the festive season is approaching soon. Under 12% GST slab, items in the list are handbags, handicraft etc. which were in 18% slab. Footwear (up to Rs.1000) which was in 18% slab now comes under 5%. Product like handloom durris (floor carpets) is now in 5% slab which was in 12% slab earlier. As per the officials, rates will be applicable from the 27th July and reductions in the rates are the result of the improvement in tax collections.

So if we look into the list of items of reduced GST, there sure, is some relief for the consumers as they have to pay less GST on the purchase of daily use items. This would definitely bring the smile on the face of a common man.

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