City getting ready for Friendship Day Celebrations

City getting ready for Friendship Day Celebrations


We all know that every year, first Sunday of the August month is celebrated as Friendship day. So now that August has started, this coming Sunday i.e. 5th August will be celebrated as Friendship Day.

If we take a look not only youngsters but school children also are getting ready to celebrate this day with their friends. All shops are prepped with the different colourful friendship bands, rings, key chains etc. Kids enjoy this day by exchanging friendship bands, gifts and chocolates with each other. Youngsters in the city are also busy planning the celebrations. Some of them may celebrate it by going on a picnic with friends, watching movie, plan a dinner party with group of friends and so on.  In schools and colleges a different spirit of friendship can be seen during this time. This is not only limited to kids and youngsters but adults also celebrate this day by catching up with their friends.

This will definitely bring friendly and cheerful atmosphere in the city and all the happening streets of the city will be flooded by the people.

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