Perfect “Hairstyle” According To Your Face Shape – We often look in the mirror and stare at our Hairstyle and wonder whether it matches our face cut. A perfect and groomed Hairstyle is always appreciated and complemented with the trendy lifestyle which we usually carry. Our Hairstyle is important and has key characteristics for each face shape. We usually get annoyed with the wrong Haircut which can be an easy avoidable mistake. Each and Every Individual carries different face cut and there is different and varied Hairstyle for every Face which we are unaware of. The perfect hairstyle is the one which suits and accomplishes your face cut which has wide features. So groom yourself with the following Hairstyle according to your Face Shape which will definitely help to boost your confidence and look more trendy and stunning.

Hairstyle According to Face Shape
Hairstyle According to Face Shape

Image Source: Crew Magazine

Square Face: Square face people have defined; angular jaws where the side margins are straight and the width is same as its length. So add more hair on the top avoiding parting down in the centre.

Round Face: Round Face are little less similar to Square face shape with less angular features. For round face shape keep the side margins shorter with off centre part.

Oval Face: Oval Face shape has soft, curves jaw line which is smaller than forehead. So Oval Shape Face can try any Hair Cut because of their unique ideal symmetry. They should usually avoid Bangs and try for Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, and Tight Curly Hair.

Oblong Face: Oblong Face is rectangular in shape with forehead, cheekbones and Jaws are somewhat of similar size. The face looks longer than it is wide. It is recommended to have same length cuts on both sides and top. Oblong Face shaped men should usually have a short and medium style Hair Cut which will suit them the best.

Diamond Face: Diamond Faces are long and angular with a defined chin. The Cheekbones are widest part of the face which is followed by forehead and jaw line. So try layered and high volume hairstyles which will hide and minimize the wide cheekbones.

Triangular Face: Unlike Diamond Faces Triangular Face too have angular features with wider Cheekbones and Jaw lines which are wider than forehead. The best hairstyle which suits Triangular face is the mid length style with an offset part of swept bangs which will definitely help to cover the forehead width.

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