Auto Fare Meter Test for Fair Deal to Passengers- Now, it is compulsory for each and every autorickshaw to have electronic fare meter in order to fulfill needs of customer. Over 50,000 autorickshaws in the several arena of Pune city and Pimpari Chinchwad, would have to check their fare meter on daily. And if anyone of them found to be tampered, then that would be sealed for the next two months during an annual drive to ensure passengers were not cheated. The Department of legal metrology has launched a test track to inspect the autorikshaw meter, which is going to held at Hadapsar. Meanwhile, they assured that even more tracks would be commencing soon across the various regions of the city. They also asked drivers to assemble their autorickshaws for the testing purpose within specified period; else they would have to face actions and fines too.

Auto Fare Meter in Pune
Auto Fare Meter in Pune

As per the given plan, around 800 autorickshaws will have to undergo test on daily basis. In this event the officials will check fare meter fixed inside an autorikshaw, if it had accurate readings. But, if it found to be faulty, then drivers will have to change settings and reproduce their meter for further inspection. They also said that, it was mandatory for every auto driver to obtain a fresh seal on their fare meter in order to avoid tampering issues. And they are expected to carry valid permit at the time of inspection. Many passengers claimed that, the fare meter should be inspected regularly to restrict frauds.

The regional transport office has aimed several flash drives to check out the fare meters of autorickshaws. The officials of RTO stated that, when autorickshaws had mechanical meters, then complaints about fare meter were become higher. So, now onwards it is compulsory for every autorickshaw to get electronic fare meter. Hence, due to this complaints of tampering have reduced, but not stopped completely. RTO would also organize some random checks for the fare meter of autorickshaws at important places of city. They also advised passengers to register their complaints about the fast running of meters.

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