Alarming situation of Air Pollution in Pune

Alarming situation of Air Pollution in Pune


As we all know Pune city is famous for its culture and education, but unfortunately it is becoming famous for rising pollution levels.

The problem of pollution is becoming serious as the graph of the number of vehicles on roads is increasing year by year in spite of soaring fuel prices and traffic congestion. As per survey conducted, each Puneite is having at least one vehicle, which is leading to increased level of carbon dioxide emission. Polluted air brings unwanted diseases like asthma, recurring cold, cough which is not at all good for the people in the city.

We as responsible citizens at least give a try from our side by using public transport like buses as and when possible, we should plant more trees so the oxygen levels can be at standard levels. If possible we can use cycles for short distances, so that next generation won’t blame us for giving them such a bad air quality.

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