A Robbery Case Turns Out to be a Murder

A Robbery Case Turns Out to be a Murder


Pune :  A newly married couple from Aundh was on its way to Mahableshwar when they were attacked by four lewd men. Aanand Kamble of Aundh and Diksha Ovhal of Nigdi got married on May 20. The couple left for Mahableshwar on Saturday at 1pm, they were accompanied by another couple on the trip. At 3pm the group reached Pasarani Ghat and Diksha asked Aanand to stop the vehicle as she wasn’t well. The couple got off the vehicle. This was when 4 men came on two bikes and stood right next to them. Aanand and Diksha headed back to their vehicle but the men assaulted Aanand using sharp weapons. When Aanand was in the pool of blood the men fled the spot. The couple accompanying Aanand and Diksha went to the police station and reported the incident, the cops then rushed Aanand to a private hospital in Wai and later moved him to another facility in Satara, Aanand was declared dead. Police suspected it to be a case of Robbery but it was later understood that it was a conspiracy planned by Aanand’s wife and her boyfriend. The police has arrested Nikhil ( Boyfriend of Diksha) and Diksha for the murder of Aanand.

Santosh Kamble brother of deceased Aanand Kamble said, “We never thought, Diksha would hatch a plan to kill my brother. We have been cheated by her and her family. We want all the accused to be sentenced to death penalty”.

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