A Great Initiative by ‘Angholichi Goli’ to make Nails free Tree in...

A Great Initiative by ‘Angholichi Goli’ to make Nails free Tree in ‘PUNE’, must read !


Angholichi Goli (Bath Pill), a Pune based nonprofit has been appealing people to intentionally skip a bath once a week, for the last four years. It does that to stand in solidarity with drought-stricken farmers. It wants to imbibe “sacrifice, fraternity, compassion and saving.” It is presided by Madhav Patil, an Electrical Consultant by profession. It is already common knowledge that trees keep us alive and that our entire existence would crumble without it. Providing oxygen is not the only reason trees are important to our world. The importance of trees goes far and deep into our everyday lives and the balance of the entire ecosystem. Yet, many people don’t value trees and identify trees nearly as lifeless things. Haven’t you seen trees been cut, nailed, painted, choked and what not?  But, have we ever thought of trees having feelings? Emotions? No, right? Eminent Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose said, "Plants can feel in their own way. While pulling out a leaf, we do not think of what goes on inside the plant. Maybe, we feel that the plant does not suffer like us. But the plant does suffer. In fact the pulsation of the plant stops where the leaf was plucked. In a short time the pulsation again begins at the spot, but this time very slowly and then it completely stops. That spot is as good as dead for the plant.”

Angholichi Goli
Angholichi Goli

“Goli” started the campaign “Nail Free Tree” a couple of months ago with the aim of making all the trees in India nail free. People had misused trees for petty greed in the form of advertisements, promoting the business just beside the tree, to further superstitions, etc. It is wrong to harm trees in this way because:

  •  It is illegal to nail trees under several laws.
  • It is public space. The trees belong to everyone. They cannot be abused in such ways. Hence, the campaign is indeed one that tries to reclaim public space.

Goli has cleaned the trees on Jangali Maharaj Road and Ferguson College Road. Various organisations, activists, leaders, environmentalists and social workers join Goli on a specific day of the week for a couple of hours to make trees nail free. Climate change and global warming has created havoc throughout the world. Whereas the UN tries to nudge governments towards a sustainable future, what can a common man do? Madhav opines, “Nail free tree and Angholichi Goli (Bath Pill) both are ‘common man’s climate action.’ Trees are the most fundamental solution to climate change. This campaign tries to conserve and nurture the trees.” Following Pune, the campaign has spread to Pimpri-Chinchwad, Mumbai, and Kalyan. Senior citizens and youngsters have taken special interest in the activity.

Be a part of this initiative!

Contact Sukrut – +917620104597

 Website: http://angholichigoli.com/

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