20 Amazing Facts About Pune, You Must Know !

20 Amazing Facts About Pune, You Must Know !

Amazing Facts About Pune
Amazing Facts About Pune

Pune, consider to be the city of youth ! Located in the western state of Maharashtra and consider to be the eights largest city of India. Pune is also recognised as the ‘Cultural Capital of Maharashtra’ the tradition and culture of Pune defines it better than res of the cities. Pune also know as the ‘Oxford of the East’ because of the highest number of institutes present in Pune city. Pune is consider to be the largest growing city in last span of 20 years.

Amazing Facts About Pune
Amazing Facts About Pune

As the city is has got many names like ‘Punaka Desha, Punekavadi, Punevadi, Kasba Pune, Punya’ and then finally transformed into Pune. There are various facts about pune which you may don’t know! So through our article we would like to give you some of the unknown facts about pune city.

Facts About Pune City

Starting from the Maratha Empire till now Pune has been a very important city fro each and everyone. Lets see some of the facts about pune city.

  • Pune was the Headquarters of ‘Maratha Empire’
  • Pune is the only city in India, where there are seven Universities.
  • Pune has the highest number of IT companies in India 212 followed by Bangalore 208
  • Heavenly Climate to chill around with your friends !
  • The Grand Traditional way of Celebrations of Ganesh Utsav in Pune can’t be seen in any other City of India.
  • Pune has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the World!
  • Pune is having the Highest number of Clubs in Asia
  • Pune is Situated on the Earthquake prone Area
  • Pune is the Fastest growing city in India within last 20 years of span.
  • Pune’s Climates is so healthy that it is consider has the ‘Pensioners Paradise’
  • Pune also Holds some World records in “Turban” (Phetas) Draping and “Rangoli”
  • Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi was imprisoned at Aga Khan Palace
  • Pune houses the National Defence Academy (NDA) is in Khadakvasla.
  • The Sportsmanship in Pune has produced the Maximum number of international players next to Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Pune has the highest density of Traffic in India
  • Pune Police is consider to be the 2nd most ranked in India after Mumbai
  • Pune has only 38% of Marathi Population , 20% North Indians, 10% Tamilians, 14% Telugus, 10% Keralities, 8% Europeans , 5% Africans, 2% Bengalis and 6% others all races
  • Pune’s population is consider to be the 8th most populous city in India
  • Pune’s Commercial and Defence airlines works on the same Strip which is the only one city in India
  • Pune has the highest number of students going abroad 
  • Pune has the highest number of Cigarette smokers in india


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