125-year Old Ganpati Mandal In Pune Received Threat Letter

125-year Old Ganpati Mandal In Pune Received Threat Letter

Rangari Mandal, Pune.

125-year Old Ganpati Mandal Received Threat Letter – A famous and a very old Ganpati Mandal in Pune has got threat letter, said the treasurer of the trust. Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati is a very renowned Ganpati Mandal in Pune and is 125 years old, commonly known as ‘Rangari Ganpati’.

Office personnel of the Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati Trust received an anonymous threat letter by post on Friday afternoon. On getting the letter, the treasurer of the Mandal, Suraj Prakash Renuse has lodged a complaint for this case at Vishrambaug police station.

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Mr. Renuse said that he received an envelope on Friday around 3pm by post. The envelope carried a letter which was typed in English and had offensive content and also threats. He has informed the police about the matter. The police have registered a non-cognizable offence. Also police security has been carped around the Ganpati Mandal premises to avoid any chaos.

Rangari Mandal, Pune.

Rangari Ganpati is a very old Mandal started in 1892. Bhau Rangari, an Ayurvedic medical practitioner kept his Ganesh idol open to public in 1892 and since then the tradition continues. The idol of Bhau Rang Ganapati is a symbol of strength and wisdom and it was worshipped by revolutionaries then and is a unique idol.

This year, the Mandal will be turning 125 years and as a part of their 125th year celebrations, the temple trust is displaying the weapons that belonged to the revolutionaries associated with Javale.

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