11,000 Americans Are Targeted In Pune Koregaon Park Call Center Tax Scheme

Three men in India were arrested Monday night after police uncovered a huge scheme that targeted more than 11,000 people in the United States.A call centre has been raided in Pune and three men associated with it have been arrested by police officials. Investigators and police officials raided a Call-centre, based in upmarket Koregaon area for extorting over 11000 US citizens. The call-centre extorted nearly 11000 American citizens over bogus fradulent tax cases. Aditya Kale and Rohit Mathur, the two 29-year-old call centre operators, have been sent in police remand till Sunday.

11,000 Americans Are Targeted In Pune Call Center Tax Scheme
11,000 Americans Are Targeted In Pune Call Center Tax Scheme

Indian police officers have sent thousands of emails to victims in the United States asking for details about how they were cheated. Only three people have replied, said Assistant Police Inspector Sagar Panmand from Pune’s cybercrime branch, who raided the trio’s call center.Indian investigators said they didn’t know how many people in the United States were affected by the scheme or how much money the scammers took. They also said it was unclear how the computer-savvy con men got the victims to transfer money to India but said it probably involved the use of gift cards from Target, iTunes and Walmart.

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