White Tea or Green Tea?

White Tea or Green Tea?

For tea enthusiasts everywhere, and novices alike, the question of White tea vs Green tea is something we hear about quite often. Whether the benefits of either green tea or white tea differ in anyway is one particular common question. Another notable question asked often is which tea is better? Are there really big differences involved when comparing white tea (silver needle tea) to Green?

White Peony vs Organic Green Tea: The this website Great Debate
Believe it or not it鎶?a hot debate amongst tea lovers the world over. You may think you might not find drama in the wonderful world of organic tea, but then, boom! There it is. Let鎶?take a look at some of the facts first.

There have been many studies conducted, along with plenty of research when it comes to proving specific health benefits involving all types of organic tea. This includes both white tea and green tea. However, white tea, along with its counterparts like silver needle, white peony or organic; has gotten very little attention. Many seem to focus on green organic tea, and the health benefits it produces. It seems too much that white tea has gotten the short end of the stick.
Let鎶?take a close look at both teas, by covering a few important points. You may just find a few of these points quite surprising as well.

Brief Comparison of White tea and Green tea

?Both Teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant (white and green from the same brood)
?White tea leaves are only harvested in early spring, and happens quite quickly (usually 1 to 2 weeks)
?Whereas, Green tea has a longer harvest period, this usually has 3 to 4 yields in one year.
?White tea actually comes from an unopened bud of the plant. It is harvested immaturely on purpose; green tea comes from mature leaves.
?You will find green tea available in China and Japan; however white tea comes exclusively from the Fujian province in China
?When it comes to fermentation, green tea goes through a partial process, whereas white tea is not fermented at all ?this in turn allows white tea to contain much more antioxidants than green tea.

As you can more than likely see, just from the fermentation process alone, it is evidently clear that white teas health benefits actually outweigh that of green wwe supercard hack tea. Studies have in fact shown that white tea has more antibacterial and antiviral properties because visit our website of a higher antioxidant content.

We are of course not dismissing the health benefits found in green tea , there is in fact plenty to be found there as well. In fact, a recent study was conducted by the Journal Carcinogenesis, and researchers at the Linus Paulding Institute showed that both green and white tea might actually help protect against colon cancer.

So, at the end of the day, it鎶?safe to say we can put the debate to rest because essentially, both tee鎶?have their enduring health benefits. However, for a much higher count in antioxidants, why not brew yourself a healthy cup of organic white tea today?

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