PETA 2016 ‘Cutest Indian Dog Alive’ – What makes Indian community dogs so irresistible? Not only they are attractive outwardly with their expressive eyes, alert ears, and trim physiques, they also have the golden heart. They are quick learners, greatly adaptable and most importantly undyingly loyal to the person who saves them from the street or from life in a shelter. But many of these dogs don’t have that special person to love and adore. PETA, Indian charity whose major goal is to end animal exploitation , always encourages people to open their hearts and homes to adopt such a canine companion. They have started the contest called Cutest Indian Dog Alive, under which they will select the best and the sweetest Indian dog based on certain categories. The competition which began early of this month has now come up with the final list of dogs. So, as per the recent buzz, the judges of PETA India’s 5th annual Cutest Indian Dog Alive contest have declared the finalist’s names.  After browsing through hundreds of photographs of awesome dogs and their rescue stories, they have selected a dog from Pune, as one of the finalists of the contest, Snowy, whose guardian is Deepti Nambiar.


She found Snowy shivering in a dirty corner at Pune station, and she observed that he had painful scabs on his back, so she took him to the animal hospital. The CEO of PETA, Poorva Joshipura said that All the rescued dogs are already winners of this contest as their life saved by such people who love them for who they are. Snowy is a lucky dog and has to bring much love into Deepti’s life, and returned the favor of being rescued by her, she added.

For this contest, PETA will select the winner based on various factors, including vote counts. On 28th of September, 2016, the winner will be announced. The lucky pup who crown the title of 2016’s Cutest Indian Dog Alive, will get a certificate and a “100% Desi dog” doggie T-shirt, also his or her owner will also receive T-shirt and a copy of PETA founder Ingrid E Newkirk’s book Let’s Have a Dog Party.

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