Panchgani is a small hill-station that falls under Satara disrict. ‘Panch’ means five and as the name says, Panchgani is surrounded by five villages in the hills, thus making it a popular hill station.
Boarding schools are in plenty in Panchgani and a lot of students flock here from the State. The serene environment and the greenery makes this place a worth visit.


About Panchgani | Panchgani Sightseeing

The Panchgani hill station is acknowledged for its unpolluted environment and is assumed that the oxygen content in atmosphere is quite high at Panchgani in comparison with other regions. The ambiance of Panchgani is very soothing, cool and serene and the beautiful environment further adds to the pleasure.

Looking into the history, Panchgani was discovered was discovered by the British as a summer resort, and a superintendent named John Chesson was placed in charge of this hill station in the 1860s. He is credited of planting various types of trees here and making it a place which is today. Chesson was a huge part of development of Panchgani and is still a respectful person today. He was buried in the graveyard of St. Peter’s Church in Panchgani.

Panchgani, Pune.

Panchgani, Pune.
Panchgani, Pune.

Things to do in Panchgani | Places to Visit

Mount Malcolm
Mount Malcolm is an ancient building built in the year 1829. It is an old building built  in British architectural style and it is named after John Malcom who was a General of the British troops.

Mapro Farms
Mapro Farms is around 8 km long stretch that extends on the Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar Road. The farms are well-known for their strawberry plantations. At the farm, visitors can also try out strawberry shakes, fruit salads and ice creams. Tourists can also buy squashes, lemonades and fresh fruit juices from the shops present here. There are various tasting counters for the same.

Panchganga Mandir
Panchganga Mandir is a Hindu Temple in Panchgani that attracts a lot of devotes coming here. It was built by Raja Singhandeo, the king of the Yadav of Devgiri, in the 13th century. There is a water stream emerges from the mouth of a cow that has been carved in stone.

Serbaug is a naturally well designed landscape and it is home to many species of birds, rabbits, turkeys and swans. There is a Children’s park and a rose garden too. For the entertainment of children, the park organises various artistic and sculptural activities. The park also organises clay pot making and sculpturing activities for children on a regular basis.

Sydney Point
This is a small hillock ponting towards Krishna Valley. The Dhom Dam can be seen from the Sydney Point. Sydney point is about 2kms from Panchgani Bus stand.

Table Land
As the name says, Table land is a flat hill made out of laterite rocks is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia. A lot of Bollywood and Tollywood movie shotings have been done here.

Lingmala Falls
Lingmala waterfalls is one of the major attractions in Satara on the Vienna River. There are two falls here one is the main fall and other one is mini fall. To reach the smaller waterfall, you need to walk for about 1.5 kms & to reach the higher waterfall, you need to walk for about 2.5 kms from the main Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar road.

Panchgani, Pune.

Panchgani, Pune.
Panchgani, Pune.
Panchgani, Pune.
Panchgani, Pune.

How to reach?

By private vehicle:
To reach Panchgani, the roadways is the most convenient one. The NH4 will take you here. Take Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road or Sinhagad Road to NH4 in Kudale Baug. Then follow NH4 and continue onto Wai-Surur Road.
The other route includes driving through Saswad  Bopdev  Pune Road and  then NH4.

By public transport:
There are no specific trains to Panchgani, but the nearest station would be Chiplun and further on, a bus or cab can be hired. Also there are State transport buses that take you to Panchgani is about 4 hour drive.

Distance: 102kms from Pune.