Nepal Bans Pune Police Couple for 10 Years over ‘fake’ Everest claims – It was indeed a proud moment for everyone when the news flashes about the Pune-based police constables Tarakeshwari and Dinesh Rathod of climbing the Everest Mountain on May 23 this year. But it has now been revealed by the officials of the Nepal Government that both of them have faked their Everest expedition by digitally modifying the photos of their troop.

Nepal Bans Pune Police Couple
Nepal Bans Pune Police Couple

Rashmi Shukla Pune Police Commissioner confirmed that officials of Nepal Government had sent a letter to Pune Police Department about their decision of imposing a ban on the alleged police couple from entering their country for next 10 years. This shocking letter discovered that the couple had lied about their Everest Expedition, which is a shameful act resulting into tarnishing the image of the Indian Police Force as well as that of the entire nation.

The smart duo Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod serve as a police constable at Shivajinagar Headquarter in Pune Police Department unveiled on June 5 in Kathmandu Press Meet that they have conducted a courageous act of scaling the most difficult Mount Everest becoming the First Indian Couple to do so. Shulka cleared that the duo had to face a strong action for this crazy, absurd conduct according to the legal norms.

She also revealed that the couple has been missing since the Pune Police Department has initiated a departmental inquiry against them. Also, some of the Senior officials stated that the couple had to undergo demotion or will lead to stoppage of their annual increment. Since their disappearance from the bounds for the probe clearly, states that they have certainly conducted something erroneous act.

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When the couple posted their morphed photographs of Everest Expedition a group of Mountaineers approached Pune Police affirming that the duo had faked their excursion. Surendra Shake secretary of city-based Mountaineering association complained that the couple has credited their false expedition by morphing pictures with that of the original version of other mountaineers. Kolkata-based mountaineers thereafter reported to a news channel that their pictures of Everest Expeditions on May 21 have been misused by the duo. Satyrup Siddhantha a software Engineer from Bangalore claimed that he along with two other local Sherpa’s climbed Everest on May 21. He handed over his pictures to some people (Sherpas) in the base camp and they have copied the pictures into their pen drives. There might be a possibility that they have shared pictures with other climbers which were misused by the Pune Police Couple. Out of the four Pictures which have been posted by the couple, three of them found to be completely morphed and the fourth picture displays me in my original yellow climbing suit.