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When talking about hill stations, Matheran is one of the prime places in Maharashtra to be worth paying a visit. This place remains cool throughout the year and offers magnificent views whenever visited.
Matheran is a municipal council too in the Raigad district. Matheran is located in the Western ghats at an elevation of 800m. above sea level. Matheran is an automobile-free hill station and hence it provides a pollution free place to visit.

Matheran is not only famous as a hill station but also for its forestry and wildlife. Matheran has been declared an Eco-sensitive region by the Union Environment Ministry. Only Ambulances are the automobiles that run in Matheran. Horses and hand-pulled rickshaws, bicycles are the mode of transport here.

Matheran, Pune.
Matheran, Pune.

Things to do in Matheran | Places to Visit

Heart Point
Heart Point offers the majestic glimpses of the verdant plains and the quiet villages laying below. This is the spot from where the outlooks of the magnificent Western Ghats and the enthralling night view of Mumbai suburbs illuminated with twinkling lights can be seen.

Porcupine Point
Porcupine point is the best place for a sunset view. It receives its name after the geographical silhouette resembling the form of the bird porcupine.

Alexander Point
Alexander Point is set up alongside the Madhavji Road. It is famous for its cool breeze and soft and composed milieu around.

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte Lake, also spelt as ‘Sharlott Lake’ is one of the most spectacular and pictorial spots to be found in the beauteous town of Matheran. Located just 1 kilometer away from the main market of Matheran, the angelic Charlotte Lake appears to be very attractive. This is a famous picnic spot and the becomes more beautiful during Monsoon.

Pisharnath Temple
Pisharnath Temple i located on the banks of Charlotte lake. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Pisharnath who is believed possesses the power of bestowing the good fortunes upon his devotees. The view of the lake from this temple is simply serene.

Charlotte-lake, Matheran, Pune.
Charlotte-lake, Matheran, Pune.

Being a hill-station, although there are numerous points (almost 28) in Matheran, these are the famous ones that should definitely be visited. Not to forget the mini train rides all over the town. They are the best attractions of Matheran.

Matheran, Pune. Matheran, Pune. Matheran, Pune.

Matheran, Pune.

How to reach Matheran?

By public transport:
From Pune, Matheran is towards Mumbai, specifically Karjat. Trains are available from Pune to Karjat and to Neral. From Neral, a taxi can be hired which is around 8 kms.

By private vehicle:
If you are travelling in your own vehicle, the nearest halting point is Dasturi where you can park it with fee. The mini train covers the 21 km distance from Neral to Matheran is about two hours and operates at fixed hours except for the monsoon season when the service is suspended due to weather.

Matheran, Pune.
Toy Train at Matheran

Distance: 120kms from Pune.