Maratha Kranti Morcha in Pune on 25 September – The State of Maharashtra is witnessing subdued protest with the Silent March Agitations held by the masses of Maratha Organisations after the ruthless Kopardi rape and murder incident. Now the next center of agitation and unrest will be the City of Pune planned to be executed with the common silent march on Sunday, September 25.

Maratha Kranti Morcha
Maratha Kranti Morcha

Organizations from across the city have started gathering immense and overwhelming support which is estimated to have around 10 lakh Maratha People to participate on the planned Maratha Kranti Morcha. Organizers have clearly confirmed that this Silent agitation is not against Dalits and has nothing to do or concerned with popular Marathi Movie “Sairat”.

The motto behind Maratha Kranti Morcha is to attain Key Demands as an immediate halt to the misuse of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, Maratha Reservation Act and also imposing strict actions against culprits of Kopardi rape and Murder Case.

From the last couple of weeks, Maharashtra has witnessed seven such silent marches held in different areas and cities which achieved a tremendous response from Maratha Masses. Ajay Bhosale, the regional president of Sambhaji Brigade stated that “Places from across the state whether it was Beed, Parbhani or Hingoli received lakhs of Supporters who participated in this Silent March”.

Sunday will not be an ordinary weekend for Punieties as the major streets in the city will be flooded with Maratha Crowd which will summon its Silent March from Deccan Area and will end at the crowded spot of District Collectorate. Bhosale is pretty confident about the proclaimed March which will have participants from beyond pune as well. He also stated that “Maratha Community is quite exasperated and enraged with the State Government Policies over the years which have always ignored their reasonable demands. People’s distress is clearly witnessed with the spontaneous turnout of Silent Marches across the state. We are not demanding for the disposition of the act but want to end the strident misuse of the act which has affected the entire community”.

Dhananjay Jadhav of Chhava Sanghatana also expressed his views and concerns stating that “In the name of atrocity, innocent people from Maratha Community had to suffer a lot who were put into Jail for Months without granting a bail. So we are seeking for the proper and humanitarian provision to the proper amendment into the atrocity act. Even though we are demanding amendments in the act, in reality, the scrapping of the act will bring equality into the society”.

“Many Innocent Maratha Community Youths had to spoil their life and career due to incorrect and bitter implementations of the act. If Dalit Community strongly believes in sustaining with the Atrocity Act we have no issues but we demand that the offense should become bailable and no fake cases should be filed against innocent ones. They have suggested a committee should be organized to keenly verify the complaint filed by the complainant before it is filed under Atrocity Act”.

Ramdas Athavale, Member of Parliament also perceived that “the agitation has started after Sairat Movie which is based on communal differences showed between oppressed Caste boy and a high caste girl.” Bhosale clearly condemned Athavale’s Statement stating that “The Maratha Kranti Morcha has nothing to do with Sairat Movie and we are fighting here to seek Justice from State Government.”

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Pune Police Issues Traffic Advisory

Maratha Kranti Morcha Traffic Advisory
Maratha Kranti Morcha Traffic Advisory

Some of the Important 18 Roads will remain close on the day following the movement of the Maratha Kranti Morcha which will commence from 7 am onwards. The Roads that will remain closed are

1) Sasoon Road
2) Moledina Road
3) Bolhai Chowk to Sadhu Vaswani Statue
4) GPO to Bolhai Chowk
5) Power House to Banerjee Chowk
6) Kirad Road SBI Square
7) Nehru Hall to Jehangir Chowk
8) Dorabjee Mall to Mangaldas Chowk
9) Tarapore Road
10) Nehru Hall Chowk to JJ Garden
11) RTO Chowk to Bolhai Chowk
12) Quarter Gate to Shantai Chowk
13) Appollo Cinema to Power House Chowk


  1. It is a shame for Indian Judiciary that Maratha people have to put pressure on it for hanging to death the rape and murder convicts of the Kopardi case. This should have been done by the judiciary on its own as it is the logical thing to do so that crime against women in India are brought down due to fear of being hanged to death.

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